Naztia – A World Lost to Lore

If you are unsure of what Naztia is, or the backstory behind it, check it out at:

Naztia, the world of rich backstory, adventure, and just plain evil, is going to be an rpg world, for D&D.

This is a very serious, and awesome, campaign. DarkDevero, that is, me, is the DM in this exciting roleplay. You make the story, you are the heroes, you are the people who rule under my command, and you, adventurers, are the people who make this campaign what it is.

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This campaign is open to all, first come, first serve. I will have a list of people, for the waitlist, for those waiting for an open spot in the action, for characters that need filling slots for. Email me, at if you’re interested.

A Trip Through Naztia